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General documents that are essential for the members of the PensPlan Profi Fund
Attention: the periodic communication here below is merely illustrative. The periodic communication is just a summary, not a certification of the pension position. In order to certify for tax purposes the payments made individually to the pension fund, receipts from bank transactions or the CUD declaration form in case of payments made through your company, must be used. The following is also a guide on how to read the account statement.
Promotional message regarding supplementary pension schemes – please read Section I of the information Note “Key information for the member”. Further information can be found in the complete Information Note and the Regulations. Past performance is not necessarily indicative for future performance.

Offer documents

→ Regulation

→ Information Note

→ Sustainability Appendix

→ Key information for the member

→ Cost Sheet

→ Membership form and review questionnaire

→ My supplementary pension – standard version

→ Methodology for calculating benefits

→ Document on the corporate governance system

→ Investment policy document

→ Policy of Engagement

In the year 2020 the Company did not exercise any voting rights with reference to the equity investments held within the portfolios of FPA Profi, neither directly nor through its UCITS 

Annuity document

→ Tax document

→ Document on advances

→ Periodic communication to members (facsimile)

Guide on how to read the account statement

→ Informativa Privacy

→ Adequate CRS [Common Reporting Standard] and PEP [Politically Exposed Persons] Verification Form

→  Request to receive all documentations from the fund via E-mail

→ Community Sheets


Commercial Documents

→ Movie FPA PP Profi_young people

→ Movie FPA PP Profi_adults

→ Brochure for members outside the Trentino South Tyrol Region

→ Brochure for members in the Trentino South Tyrol Region

→ Factsheet Profi Ethical Life Growth

→ Factsheet Profi Ethical Life Balanced Growth

→ Factsheet Profi Ethical Life High Growth

→ Factsheet Profi Ethical Life Safe

→ Factsheet Profi Ethical Life Conservative

→ List of issuing companies in the portfolio

Accounting Documents

→ Financial statement for the year 2019

→ Financial statement for the year 2018

→ Financial statement for the year 2017

→ Financial statement for the year 2016

→ Financial statement for the year 2015

→ Financial statement for the year 2014

Communication to members

→ Communication to members