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We support the development of the local productive structure by setting up investment funds with public-private participation with the following aims:

  • Supporting growth. We offer alternative financing tools to promote the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the area.
  • Encouraging new businesses. We can act as a partner for operational start-ups in the smart specializations in the area by promoting the growth of an ecosystem where technology parks, research centres, universities, business angels and outstanding local companies all play a fundamental role.
  • Promoting innovation. We offer financial support to the projects and radical innovation paths of small and medium-sized enterprises that will help strengthen the future of forward-looking and avant-garde companies.

Our solutions are aimed at facilitating the growth of GDP and employment by setting up new businesses and reducing the risk of relocation of local businesses.

How do we operate?

Our funds, both those in place and those to come, invest in alternative financial instruments, such as minibonds and direct lending and, acquire stakes in start-up companies. We evaluate ad-hoc solutions based upon a company’s needs, carefully analysing the potential of businesses and the projects they intend to pursue in the interest of the companies themselves.

We can boast several years of specific and solid experience in the minibond segment, where we have been operating as pioneers since 2013. Access to an advanced form of financing as a complement to bank loans has found favour with many local companies. 

Would you like to know more? Would you like to know how we can support the development and expansion of your company? 


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