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Sustainability Policy 
(The documents are available only in Italian)

In order to promote an increasingly sustainable business culture, Euregio Plus has adopted a Sustainability Policy aimed at illustrating the its principles with regards to environmental, social and governance sustainability.
In 2022, Euregio Plus started a process of progressive integration of the promotion of environmental and social factors within the investment policies of its entire product offering. This integration process makes it possible to examine the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) profile of the countries and companies issuing the instruments to be invested, to assess their relative exposure to ESG risks and monitor the management of the related areas of opportunity and weakness, to guarantee an appreciable degree of sustainability of its investments and financially support a sustainable development.

Remuneration Policy
(The documents are available only in Italian)

Euregio Plus adopts ESG objectives consistent with its business model and promotes a sound and effective management of sustainability risks.

Transparency of adverse sustainability impacts (PAI ) at entity level 
(The documents are available only in Italian)

Principal adverse impacts are the most significant negative impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors relating to environmental, social and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti‐ corruption and anti‐ bribery matters. PAI indicators have the purpose of representing to what extent the investment decisions taken by Euregio Plus could impact, at an aggregate level, these sustainability factors and the actions that Euregio Plus intends to adopt in this regard. 

Additional disclosure for products that promote environmental and social characteristics 
(The documents are available only in Italian)

Disclosure referred to in Article 24 of Regulation (UE) 2022/1288




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