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Strategic Consulting

A range of strategic services for the development of the Public Administration

We have chosen to commit ourselves to concretely promote a circular economy together with local development. For this reason we provide the Public Administration with specific skills for the promotion and structuring of financial instruments capable of achieving public objectives from a market perspective. We carry out feasibility studies, market analysis, search for sources of financing also at the EU level, risk analysis, and propose sustainable financial solutions with the dual objective of: 

     - increasing development opportunities for our territory;

     - bringing resources and expertise in line with public objectives.

In a sector characterized by increasing complexity and by shareholders with different interests, we identify solutions in which adequate financial returns, impacts, and benefits for the community can coexist.


     - Projects


“Feasibility studies and definition of an economic development plan for the territory to be implemented also through the promotion of financial instruments” with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Said activities include:

     - a strategic support aimed at defining the “Territorial Economic Development Plan” and identifying, form time to time, any risk factors and proposals for updating;

     - an operational support regarding both analysis and promotion of financial instruments in the economic sectors indicated by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.