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Family AIF

A dedicated fund

A Closed-end investment fund reserved to qualified investors, with a ten-year length and established by PensPlan Invest SGR SpA, nowadays Euregio Plus SGR S.p.A, having won the public call for tenders issued by the bureau of the Regional Council of the Trentino South Tyrol Region.

Type of investment

The Fund is invested in financial instruments of a bond and monetary nature, and residually in bank deposits. In particular, the Fund’s assets may be invested in financial instruments issued or guaranteed by central governments or central banks of countries of the European Eunion, by the European Union, by the central European Bank, or by the European Investment Bank (EIB), by the Trentino South Tyrol Region, by the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, and by public or private bodies under the public law and controlled or guaranteed by it. For these kinds of placements, even if not listed on a regulated market, it will be possible to invest more than 10% of the Fund’s assets. Moreover, the fund may invest in high quality financial instruments issued by sovereign and supranational issuers. The investment universe characterizes the Fund with a low risk profile.



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