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PensPlan Profi is an open pension fund affiliated with the Pensplan Project, established by PensPlan Invest SGR S.p.A. now Euregio Plus SGR S.p.A.. Thanks to collaboration with Banca Etica Group, the Fund is characterized by investments in financial instruments with a high profile of social and environmental responsibility and by a “life cycle” advisory service that defines the optimal investment scenario based on the age of the member.

The Fund is registered on the Covip Register under number 147.


PensPlan Profi Open Pension Fund

home Passaggio Duomo, 15 - 39100 Bolzano

home2 Via Romano Guardini, 17 - 38121 Trento

telefono + 39 / 0471 068780 - fax +39 / 0471 068766

@ - sito

PEC: - sito

Who can join?

All citizens with or without income, including minors.

What are the advantages?

  • Increased financial availability for old age through the setting up of a supplementary pension, in addition to the public pension..
  • Tax benefits , and therefore the possibility of deducting contributions to the Fund up to a ceiling of Euros 5,164.57 per year and of benefiting from reduced taxation on pension benefits subject to a variable rate from 15% to 9%.
  • The employer’s contribution, if provided for by contracts and collective agreements, including company agreements.
  • The opportunity of benefiting from a series of advances.
  • The possibility of choosing - among different investment sectors - the most suitable one on the basis of one’s particular risk inclination and investment horizon.
  • An advisory service on the choice of the sub-fund in relation to age and gender, which over time and as the retirement age approaches, will indicate to the member the opportunity to change the sub-fund through a free alert service.
  • The possibility of counting on a double analysis. An environmental, social, and governance analysis integrated with a financial analysis. within the aim of creating value over time.
  • The proximity of our contacts and a valid support at a local level.
  • The social interventions of the Trentino-South Tyrol Region.

Special "under 18"

  • Advantages are foreseen for “under 18” members.

Home savings

Membership of an agreed supplementary pension fund is even more advantageous with the launch of the Home Savings initiative.

A member of a pension fund that has an agreement and meets the requirements can access a loan at preferential conditions, i.e. the MUTUO RISPARMIO CASA [home savings loan], to be requested from the credit institutions participating in the plan.

Responsible investment

In identifying investments that allow the PensPlan Profi Fund to promote those with environmental and/or social characteristics, Euregio Plus SGR has been advised by Etica Sgr S.p.A., a savings management company of the Banca Popolare Etica Group, which provides the “Investable Universe” of enterprises, states and agencies in which the Fund can invest. Etica Sgr selects issuers on the basis of social, environmental and governance indicators (ESG), which are periodically updated.

Issuers are analysed on the basis of data and information provided by companies that specialize in analysing the sustainability of issuers using a methodology that is owned by Etica Sgr and registered internationally under the ESG EticApproach® brand.

Such issuers are selected following screening, both negative (aimed at excluding all issuers that are deemed controversial from an ESG point of view) and positive (aimed at selecting issuers that exceed a certain sustainability threshold and/or that are considered the best in their sector according to a “best-in-class” approach). In addition to this analysis, specific insights take account of the contingencies related to current aspects and further information arising from dialogue between Etica Sgr and the issuers themselves and/or related to the level of reputational risk in ESG terms.

Agencies are analysed in line with information such as their activities, their shareholders and possible ESG controversies.

Etica Sgr also evaluates corporate governance practices on the basis of voting at shareholder meetings and continuous dialogue with issuers. Compliance with the social and/or environmental characteristics pursued by the Pension Fund’s investments is ensured by the monitoring of issuers i.e. the construction of “Investable Universes” by Etica Sgr. The regular updating of these Universes involves a complete review of the analysis process based upon exclusion elements, evaluation elements, assignment of an ESG score and the application of absolute and/or sectoral thresholds. The data for each issuer will therefore be updated in light of the improvements or deteriorations recorded by the enterprises or states analysed, which in turn determines the flows into and out of the Universe itself.

The Fund’s investment activities (including via UCITS) are permitted solely in relation to those issuers that make up the Universes: no other investment is allowed.

Microfinance guarantee fund

Membership to the Fund involves the payment of a yearly solidarity contribution of Euro 3 to guarantee microfinance and financial support plans through crowd-funding initiatives managed by Banca Etica.

“Life cycle”

The “life cycle” is a type of investment that involves a gradual reduction in the financial risk of the pension investment, based on the member’s personal data. A life cycle investment plan envisages that, as the retirement age approaches, the degree of risk of the member’s portfolio is modified at predetermined intervals, reducing the invested amount in sub-funds with a higher risk profile to the advantage of those with a lower risk profile. .
The fund, on an optional basis, makes available to members, free of charge, a system of automatic alerts suggesting a reallocation of the pension investment based on the “life cycle” principle.

Agreement with the Trentino-South Tyrol Region

The PensPlan Profi Open Pension Fund is a fund affiliated with Pensplan Centrum S.p.A. Our Region supports the citizens in the constitution of a supplementary pension. A special regional law (no. 3 dated February 27, 1997) has provided for the introduction of special interventions and services in this area.

What are the costs?

The Synthetic Cost Indicator [APRC] provides a summary indication of the annual costs of the sectors, as a percentage of the accrued individual position. The APRC is calculated by all pension funds using the same methodology established by COVIP.

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APCR Fuori Regione

Data source: Covip - (year 2022)

It is important to pay attention to the synthetic cost indicator that characterizes each fund: a 2% instead of 1% APRC can reduce the capital accumulated after 35 years of participation in the pension plan of about 18% (for example, it can reduce it from 100.000 Euros to 82.000 Euros).

* APRC for pension scheme members with more than 10 years of contributions.


APCR Regione

Data source: Covip - (year 2022)

It is important to pay attention to the synthetic cost indicator that characterizes each fund: a 2% instead of 1% APRC can reduce the capital accumulated after 35 years of participation in the pension plan of about 18% (for example, it can reduce it from 100.000 Euros to 82.000 Euros).

* APRC for pension scheme members in South Tyrol with more than 10 years of contribution.

** APRC for pension scheme members with more tha 10 year of contribution.

How can you subscribe?

The Fund can be subscribed to at your same company (also possible from remote), by a distributor, or at a partner company.


Messaggiopromozionale Promotional message regarding complementary types of pension fund – before joining, please read Part I, ‘Key information for members’ and ‘Information Appendix on Sustainability’ of the Information Note. Previous performance is not necessarily a guide to future returns.
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